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Jasan Morgan   /    jasan.morgan@internationaltradefinance.co.business

Born September 14, 1984 in Detroit Mi, to a family of five. Jasan grow up in Hamtramck Mi where he did all his schooling from kindergarten to graduating in 2004 at Hamtramck High School. Right after High school Jasan began his career in real estate with Acquisition of non performing mortgage loans for private investors and Institutions. In 2008 Jasan started Pursuing his degree in criminal justice with the University of Phoenix. In 2010 Jasan completed his studies there and achieved his associate degree in the arts of science in Criminal Justice meanwhile, his main passion still remained of him becoming a business leader. Jasan saw himself as a leader early on in his career when he worked with top level executives in the movie and entertainment industry. Since then Jasan has grown to be a formidable leader in the business world with his vision for the growth of a company and his unique talent of bringing the right level of qualified individuals together cohesively to complete a project. These unique skill-sets are the very reason why our company has seen a tremendous growth spurts since he has taken the reigns.










Mary Lou Sanders, comes to us from Allied Business School and was a director of finance for several non-profit organizations. While doing charity work may have been her back-ground training for her foundation, she brings a large amount of extraordinary skills to the table in her record and bookkeeping, that any company need to have in their checks and balances.



Executive Secretary

Marisol Y. Sanchez

Marisol, a University of Phoenix graduate with a major in business entrepreneurship and a minor in business administration, she brings us an added vision for company growth and structuring. She believes that business runs in her blood as her family has owned their own businesses since she was a child growing up. Marisol currently manages three different divisions that we have acquired in this past year and she already have her sights set on us acquiring another one.




This is just a glimpse of the top leadership that has become the driving force behind our company’s project growth and expansions.


There is still a host of unnamed individuals that comprises our executive level management team, division leaders, department heads and staff that we haven’t profiled yet on our website, but are essential to our daily operations.


We all know how important social media is to any business today. Our social media team is what we consider one of the best in the business of marketing and advertising. They continue day in and day out to stay on top of the latest market trends, news and financial reports to bring us the latest cutting edge information and technology. Thank you team and keep up the awesome job!


Our client base is at the core of our business and with the aide of social media we can better analyze their business growth needs. Technology has come a long ways  for us to be able to assist businesses in their growth and for them  to thrive in this information age environment.  As we continue to serve our clients, we would like to also let them know how valuable they are to the development process of our services that we are able to provide them on a regular and ongoing basis. A special thank you to all of you as well, from all of us here at International Trade Finance, LLC.



Finally, we would like to attribute our company’s growth in the marketplace to our entire team and congratulate all of our department managers, staff and employees on a job well done on a daily basis as our company would not survive without everyone doing their part for us to achieve our success.


Thank you everyone,


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