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SEEKING WORK | Central Europe | REMOTE with visits if needed

We’re a high-grade self-managing team of two specialized in mapping out, designing, and delivering complex custom-built web applications on time.

Recent projects:

We help people polish their ideas, turn those ideas into high quality working products, and bring those products into the market.

Most often we collaborate with companies, but we also have a lot of positive experiences working with non-technical founders and guiding them through all stages of the product lifecycle.

I specialize in front-end, UX design (Javascript ES6+, React, Vue, HTML/CSS, d3, Webpack, Node, etc), and also do light back-end work.

My colleague specializes in back-end, devops, system administration (Ruby on Rails, Java, PostgreSQL, Elastic, Docker, AWS, etc.), and also does light front-end work.

We’re hireable as a team or individually.

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