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Location: Germany, work world-wide

Remote: Yes, remote-only

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Keras/TensorFlow (recent arXiv models), Python, PySpark, mostly computer vision & large scale 3D processing and visualization


– manufacturing defect detection for automotive industry with Deep Learning (<2% real-world false positive rate)

– detecting crime in progress from pair-wise spatio-temporal relationships of human pose estimates in continuous video feed using time-distributed attention-enhanced ConvNet-RNNs

– 3D indoor reconstruction using SLAM, randomized non-linear optimization, semantic segmentation and depth estimation from mobile video feed (ensemble)

– Mobile traffic anomaly/fraud detection (GBT + discrete VRNN)

– Image content filtering using Deep Learning (DenseNet)

– Diagnosing lung diseases from X-Ray images (CheXNet), surpassing human level performance

– End-to-end self-driving car control (NVidia Dave2Net)

– Top 10 US school MS education; detailed CV upon request

Email: deepmodel (at)