11_Investment Planning

“In the business world, the rear view mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” – Warren Buffett

Developing a feasible investment strategy requires somewhat more than just creating a savings account and purchasing a number of shares of random stocks.

To structure an appropriate investment strategy, it is necessary to consider what you want to accomplish using the investments; determine the best way to achieve these goals; and assess the various kinds of investment choices available, to choose those that are most likely to help you accomplish your goals.

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The good thing is that it’s not too late to make and execute your own investment strategy and start making a nest egg for future years.

How do you make a proper investment plan?

Follow these steps:

* Decide how much you can initially use for investments

* Determine your goals for the future

* Consider your comfort level in regard to taking risks

* Learn the marketplace

* Diversify your selection of investments

Both investments and savings have a place in your financing. Nevertheless, do not  confuse the two. With savings, your primary funds generally stay constant and can earn interest or returns. Savings are held in Certificates of Deposit (CDs), checking accounts and savings balances.

In contrast, investments may move up or down in value, and might or might not pay interest or dividends. Types of investments include bonds, shares, mutual funds, gold, memorabilia, and silver coins, and property.

Here are some of the best investment tips:

  • Invest in financial markets so your money can grow at a meaningful rate.
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
  • Get in the habit of saving. Set aside a portion of your income regularly.
  • Ask questions and become educated before making any investment.
  • Invest with your brain, not your heart
  • Focus on long-term potential rather than short-term price fluctuations.

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